• A collection of interactive tools for learning that work with any interactive whiteboard, interactive projector and any touch screen hardware.

  • WizTeach 3 Now Available

    Over 70 individual teaching tools designed to enhance learning across multiple subject areas such as Maths, Literacy, Geography and now Science.

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  • Integrated with Qwizdom Response Systems

    WizTeach is now integrated with the Qwizdom Response Systems allowing you to pose questions and gather user feedback.

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What is Wizteach?

WizTeach is interactive teaching software designed for use with any interactive whiteboard, any interactive projector and any touch screen hardware.

A collection of interactive teaching tools over a broad range of subject areas, WizTeach will work alongside any software application, curriculum content and live over the internet.

That means teachers can use the tools alongside the application, content and resource of their choice.

Available in 36 languages and available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux, WizTeach is designed to enhance lesson content and make lessons even more interactive.

Wizteach features

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